Libuša Němcová: A Journey from Dance to Canvas


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Libuša Němcová, a Swiss artist hailing from the picturesque town of Košice in Slovakia. In the realm of adulthood, where bills demand attention, Libuša navigates the complexities of life as a 24-hour home help worker abroad. However, her story extends beyond the mundane rhythms of daily life, weaving a narrative that spans from childhood doodles to a flourishing career in the realm of art.

As a child, Libuša harbored a fondness for drawing, a passion that simmered quietly as the demands of life took center stage. Despite the absence of time for artistic pursuits, her creative spirit lingered, waiting for the right moment to resurface. The turning point arrived with her second marriage, a transformative chapter that instilled in her the resilience to fight for herself.

It was when her children, a son and a daughter, reached a level of independence that Libuša rekindled her love for drawing and creativity. The year 2016 marked a significant shift as she embarked on a journey as a 24-hour home help in Switzerland. The Swiss landscape and the majestic Alps became the muse that fueled her artistic endeavors.

Libuša’s venture into the world of art was largely self-guided. Armed with videos and books on painting, she began a journey of self-education, honing her skills and discovering the nuances of the craft. In 2019, she took a bold step by applying for a course led by the esteemed artist Didier Le Mar at the Beautiful Art Gallery in Košice, Slovakia. Didier Le Mar, recognizing her untapped potential, provided her with the opportunity to refine her skills.

The medium that resonated most profoundly with Libuša was oil painting. Her artistic odyssey commenced with capturing the beauty of landscapes, evolving to a comprehensive exploration of basic drawing techniques using pencil and carbon. The portrait course followed, cementing her proficiency in capturing the essence of the human form. Currently, she is immersed in a course on advanced oil painting techniques, a testament to her unwavering commitment to artistic growth.

For Libuša, each new painting is not merely a canvas filled with colors; it is a profound challenge and an avenue to articulate her emotions about the splendor of nature and architecture. Her inspirations span across continents, with a particular affinity for the landscapes of Switzerland and her homeland, Slovakia. Libuša’s passion for travel and photography is evident in her e-books, where she beautifully chronicles her experiences exploring Swiss castles.

An exciting development awaits as Libuša gears up for a permanent exhibition in the city of Prešov, Slovakia, hosted at the Beautiful ART Gallery. The exhibition, set to commence in mid-December, will showcase her evocative artwork with a distinct Slovak theme, offering viewers a glimpse into her artistic soul.

In Libuša Němcová’s art, one can discern a convergence of skill and sentiment. Her journey from a dancer in multiple groups to a seasoned artist reflects a profound metamorphosis—one that speaks of resilience, self-discovery, and an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of beauty through the strokes of a paintbrush. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Libuša Němcová stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the unyielding spirit of those who dare to express themselves on canvas.


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