Walter Paul Bebirian: A Unique Creative Force


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Walter Paul Bebirian, born American with Armenian roots, wears many hats—business owner, philanthropist, artist, photographer, collector, consultant, and investor. His journey in the world of art and photography began in 1958, marking the start of a prolific and diverse career that spans over six decades.

Bebirian’s approach to his work is infused with a distinct creativity that sets him apart. He doesn’t just create art; he lives it, weaving his multifaceted identity into every piece he produces. His work reflects a lifetime of experiences, passions, and a deep understanding of the world around him.

Imagine it’s 1890, and Vincent Van Gogh’s life has tragically ended. His paintings, now legendary, were once in the possession of his brother, who also passed away shortly after. At that moment in time, these artworks were valued at a fraction of their worth today. The scenario begs a question: what would it have been like to purchase Van Gogh’s paintings at those low prices?

This historical reflection is crucial to understanding Bebirian’s perspective on art investment. He sees a parallel in today’s art market, where many contemporary artists struggle to sell their works for prices that truly reflect their value. Bebirian believes that investing in art now, while prices are still relatively low, is a wise decision. He sees the potential for today’s artists to gain significant value over time, much like Van Gogh’s works have.

Bebirian’s philosophy on art investment isn’t just theoretical; it’s deeply personal. As a collector and investor, he applies his unique creativity and insight to identify promising artworks. He believes in the future value of contemporary art and encourages others to see beyond the present market conditions.

His philanthropic efforts further demonstrate his commitment to the art world. Bebirian supports various causes and initiatives, using his resources to uplift and promote the arts. His role as a consultant allows him to share his vast knowledge and experience with others, helping them navigate the complex landscape of art and investment.

Bebirian’s art and photography are a testament to his life’s journey. Each piece tells a story, captures a moment, or expresses an emotion.

Over the years, Bebirian has amassed a significant body of work. His early pieces, dating back to 1958, showcase the progress of his style and technique. From traditional photography to abstract art, his portfolio is a rich tapestry of creativity and originality. His work is a testament to his ability to adapt and progress, continuously pushing the boundaries of what art can be.

Bebirian’s unique perspective on the art world, combined with his creative talents, makes him a standout presence in the contemporary art scene. He challenges us to rethink the value of art and to consider the long-term potential of investing in contemporary artists. His message is clear: today’s struggling artists could be tomorrow’s legends, and investing in their work now could yield significant rewards in the future.

In a world where art is often undervalued, Walter Paul Bebirian stands as a beacon of creativity, insight, and hope. His work reminds us of the enduring power of art and the importance of supporting artists at every stage of their journey. As a business owner, philanthropist, artist, photographer, collector, consultant, and investor, Bebirian’s contributions to the art world are vast and varied.

Walter Paul Bebirian’s story is a compelling reminder of the value of creativity and the importance of investing in the future of art.


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