The best booth at the 2024 edition of TEFAF Maastricht.


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The difficulty of going to an art fair, as anyone who has attended more than one can tell you, is holding on to the artworks that grab you.

This is especially true for contemporary art fairs where, more often than not, market trends influence the work that art dealers bring. If figuration or assemblage is de rigueur, then the booths are likely to be filled with it. Even when the booth presentations are excellent, they have a tendency to blur together.

That muddling is much less likely at a fair like the European Fine Art Fair in Maastrict, Netherlands, where galleries bring works spanning Old Masters, antiques, jewelry, tribal art, modern and contemporary art, ancient art, and design. There’s far more variety and each gallery’s presentation is a demonstration of its idiosyncrasy. The strongest presentations tend to span eras, with works that speak to each other across time and geography in unexpected ways. Those little surprises stick with you.

Below, are seven of the most outstanding booths at TEFAF.


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