The Aerialscapes of Toni Silber-Delerive: A Graphic Perspective on the Modern Landscape


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Born in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Toni Silber-Delerive is an artist whose journey traverses the world of fine arts. With a major in painting from the Philadelphia College of Art and a certificate in art education and a BFA degree from Kean College of NJ, Silber-Delerive’s artistic prowess extends across various mediums, including graphic design and silkscreen printing, subjects she studied at the renowned School of Visual Arts in NYC.


As a Manhattan-based artist, Silber-Delerive’s work has found a home in museums, private collections, and corporate spaces. Her artistic journey has been punctuated by numerous exhibitions, with solo shows in prestigious venues such as the National Arts Club, Rockefeller Gallery, NY Studio Gallery in Chelsea, James Beard House, Interchurch Center, Blue Hill Plaza, Adelante Gallery, and Speakeasy Gallery.

What sets Silber-Delerive apart in the realm of contemporary art is her unique approach to aerialscape paintings. These works capture diverse locations from a perspective rarely considered—the view from above. Silber-Delerive skillfully manipulates flattened surface planes to convey abstract shapes.

One of her pieces, ‘View from Macau Tower, China,’ measures 36″ x 36″ and offers an aerial view from the Macau Tower, an observation deck renowned for its sweeping city views. Macau, often referred to as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ due to its casinos and malls, becomes a playground for Silber-Delerive’s artistic expression. The shapes in her painting rely more on patterns than on literal representation, allowing viewers to traverse highways of imagination as they navigate through the canvas.

Silber-Delerive’s distinctive angle, often taken for granted in everyday life, becomes the focal point of her narrative. Each painting tells a story, preserving the unique character of the location through a graphic interpretation that leans towards abstraction. Her work serves as a visual exploration of the contemporary landscape, pushing the boundaries of conventional perspectives.

The artist’s graphic aesthetic is not confined to the canvas but extends into the realm of private and corporate collections, where her pieces resonate with diverse audiences. This widespread recognition is further underscored by the inclusion of her work in numerous exhibitions, showcasing the breadth and depth of her artistic vision.

Silber-Delerive’s participation in group gallery shows, including venues like Van der Plas, Curate NYC, Blue Mountain, Prince Street, Dacia Gallery, Equity Gallery, Kaller Fine Arts in Washington, DC, George Segal, and Riverside Gallery in NJ, underscores her commitment to sharing her unique artistic perspective with a broader audience.

Her artistic journey, rooted in a BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art (UArts) and enriched by her studies in graphic design and silkscreen printing at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, invites viewers to see familiar landscapes from a fresh vantage point. Through her graphic interpretation and abstract representation, she encourages us all to appreciate the beauty and complexity that often lies hidden in plain sight.


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