Tanja Rausch: A Journey Through Still Life


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Tanja Rausch is a classically trained still life artist with a passion for unique artifacts that harmoniously play together in a melancholic unity. She sees beauty in things that are old, ugly, flawed, or broken, and skillfully brings out their charm on canvas. Her work is a visual manifestation of her innermost feelings and reflections on a world that seems increasingly devoid of meaning.

Rausch’s journey as an artist began in her childhood. She recalls that her mind was never at rest, always seeking to create something with whatever medium she could find. This early passion for art eventually led her to become a professional illustrator, working for publishing houses and corporations like LEGO for nearly 25 years.

However, Rausch felt that something was missing in her artistic journey. She sought substance and depth, which she found through private study with a former student of the Grand Central Atelier in New York. This experience opened her eyes to the intricacies of masterfully created oil paintings and the importance of quality materials, knowledge, and effort in art.

Inspired by Chilean painters Claudio Bravo and Guillermo Munoz Vera, Rausch decided to focus on still life art. She was drawn to the beauty of patina, which may seem unsightly at first but reveals an intricate charm upon closer inspection. She believes that colors and textures have a profound effect on our minds, both in nature and on canvas. In a world increasingly influenced by AI and lacking in meaning, Rausch emphasizes the importance of acquiring skills and knowledge from a time long past, which nourish our souls and give us our uniqueness as human beings.

One of Rausch’s notable works is “Tranquility,” a 40x50cm oil painting on linen created in 2023. She painted this piece in the lush surroundings of her garden in Costa Rica, inspired by a story told by the late Chilean Hyperrealist Claudio Bravo. The story recounts how Bravo’s colorful paintings attracted more attention than those of a well-known artist at an exhibition. Rausch aims to provide her audience with the same uplifting effect through her use of colors in her still life compositions. Despite consisting of inanimate objects, her paintings are filled with mystery and history, prompting viewers to wonder about the origins and experiences of each object.

In conclusion, Tanja Rausch’s journey as an artist has been one of self-discovery and a quest for deeper meaning in her work. Through her still life paintings, she invites viewers to appreciate the beauty in the mundane and the history behind each object. Her art serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional skills and knowledge in an increasingly digital world.


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