Stormie Steele: Embracing the Imperfect Journey of Creativity and Spirituality


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In the world of contemporary art, self-taught artists often bring a unique and refreshing perspective to their craft. Stormie Steele is a great example of such an artist, whose journey through personal and spiritual growth has deeply intertwined with her creative expression. Her artwork and her approach to life share a common theme—embracing the beauty of the imperfect and learning from the transformative journey of existence.

Stormie’s art is not just a visual experience; it is a philosophical exploration into the depths of life’s challenges and the hidden riches they contain. She views life’s hurdles as catalysts for transformation, believing that the real reward lies in movement and evolution. This philosophy is vividly expressed in her art series, “Hidden Riches 2,” where she uses a mix of canvas, acrylic, plaster, and flotrol to delve into abstract representations of life’s complex labyrinths.

At a substantial size of 40 x 60, each piece in the “Hidden Riches” series is a testament to the significance of seemingly insignificant moments. Stormie’s art reflects her belief that within every small, abstract experience, there lies a treasure waiting to be uncovered. This outlook is a result of her courageous treading through life, where the light of purpose gradually emerges from the darkness of trivial encounters.

What makes Stormie’s approach distinct is her respect for the unintended. In her artistic process, she often finds herself surrendering to the evolution of her materials, allowing them to guide her rather than imposing strict controls. This method has taught her to appreciate how materials can be used more intentionally, revealing that nothing is inherently flawed. In her words, “acceptance, pause, and exploration is a powerful advantage.”

This philosophy extends beyond her canvas, deeply influencing her personal and spiritual development. For Stormie, the perfectly imperfect not only defines her art but also her life.

Stormie’s artistic journey is reflective of her broader life philosophy: the act of learning and unlearning. She emphasizes that movement without this exchange is non-profitable, a sentiment that captures her commitment to growth and transformation. Her art is a dynamic process of interaction with her materials, each piece evolving as she herself evolves through her personal and spiritual explorations.

Her work, particularly evident in the “Hidden Riches” series, invites viewers to pause and reflect on their own lives. It encourages an exploration of the hidden depths within one’s own experiences, promoting a message that what may appear trivial can hold significance.

Moreover, Stormie Steele’s art serves as a reminder of the power of self-taught talent and the unique insights that such artists bring to the table. Her lack of formal training has not hindered her ability to express complex themes through her art; rather, it has allowed her to develop a distinctive style that is unbound by conventional rules. This freedom is evident in her bold use of materials and her abstract techniques, which challenge the viewer to find clarity in ambiguity.

In conclusion, Stormie Steele stands out as an artist whose work is a reflection of her life’s philosophy. Through her series “Hidden Riches,” she explores the abstract and often overlooked aspects of life, finding beauty and purpose in the imperfections. Her approach to art and life encourages us to embrace our own journeys of personal and spiritual growth, finding value in every experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Stormie’s art is not just to be seen—it’s to be experienced, providing a mirror for our own transformative journeys through the labyrinths of life.


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