Frank Gasbarro: Navigating Abstraction with “In This Moment”


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Frank Gasbarro is not your typical painter. His work delves into the realm of abstraction, where familiar shapes and colors collide with the unknown, creating a visual language that is uniquely his own. In Gasbarro’s world, objects are not bound by reality but instead exist in a realm of imagination, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own perceptions.

Gasbarro’s paintings, such as the mesmerizing “In This Moment,” challenge traditional notions of art. At first glance, his work may seem familiar, with strong patterns and vibrant colors drawing the eye. However, upon closer inspection, the viewer is confronted with a world that is both alien and intriguing.

“I am a painter exploring the realm of abstraction,” Gasbarro explains. “My paintings look unlike any other paintings that you might find in today’s marketplace. The unique vocabulary of non-objective imagery contrasts with strong patterns and colors, looking familiar but upon closer inspection, these objects are alien and unknown, existing only in a world of imagination.”

Gasbarro’s approach to color is intellectual, overriding all other aesthetics with a heightened sensitivity that is palpable in his work. “My process of creation is deliberate by focusing on invention and deviating from the norm. NO RULES,” he asserts.

Gasbarro’s journey as an artist is a visual quest, where each painting is a step towards unlocking the mysteries of color and form. While he may not claim to understand the physics behind color, he knows what makes his own vision come alive.

“The human eye can discriminate up to ten million colors and many more variations than can be perceived,” Gasbarro notes. “I do not claim to know any of the physics associated with color, but I do know what makes my rods and cones vibrate.”

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, Gasbarro’s work stands out as a beacon of individuality. His dedication to his craft, fueled by discipline and energy, is evident in every brushstroke.

Gasbarro’s paintings challenge us to see beyond the surface, to delve into the depths of our own perceptions and explore the limitless possibilities of abstraction. In his world, there are no boundaries, no rules—only the endless expanse of imagination.

As we gaze upon Gasbarro’s work, we are reminded that art is not merely about what we see, but about how it makes us feel. His paintings are a testament to the power of creativity, inviting us to embrace the unknown and embark on our own visual quest.

In a society that often values conformity over creativity, Gasbarro’s work serves as a reminder that true art knows no bounds. It is a reflection of the human spirit, a journey into the unknown, and a celebration of the infinite possibilities of the imagination.

So the next time you find yourself standing before one of Gasbarro’s paintings, take a moment to let go of your preconceptions and allow yourself to be swept away by the beauty of abstraction. For in that moment, you may just discover a new world of color and form that exists only in the realm of the imagination.


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