DIVNISM: The Unconventional Artistry of Divna Pesic Grozdanov


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Divna Pesic Grozdanov is a Macedonian artist who has found a home in the United States, where she has been creating a unique style of abstract expressionism called DIVNISM. Her vibrant and brilliant artwork has gained recognition and has been collected by art lovers, including her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. What makes her work stand out is her unconventional technique of using her fingers and a spatula to create her oil paintings. This approach allows her to tap into her wide imagination and intuition, resulting in a fusion of rational and irrational forms of her impressions.

Pesic Grozdanov began her journey with oil painting 31 years ago and has since had 20 major exhibitions around the world. Her work has been showcased in cities like New York, Miami, Washington, Chicago, Skopje, Paris, Istanbul, and Düsseldorf, among others. Her early passion for shooting with rifles also played a significant role in shaping her character and approach to life. As a two-time Olympian and Balkan champion, she held 37 national records in air rifle and 22-caliber sport rifle disciplines. This experience instilled in her qualities such as physical and mental health, calmness, discipline, patience, self-confidence, diligence, constancy, focus on priorities, and a winning spirit, all of which reflect in her artwork.

Pesic Grozdanov has been recognized as the best abstract expressionist in the world by AAA and has won different international art awards. Her work can be viewed on her website, or at ArtExpo New York 2024, where she will be showcasing her art in person. Her next solo exhibition, titled “Protect the Planet from Ourselves,” will take place at the historical Passaic County Art Centre at the John Rea House from May 18, 2024, through August 3, 2024. This exhibition will feature 30 original oil paintings that reflect her deep concern for environmental issues.

In conclusion, Divna Pesic Grozdanov is an artist who has carved out a unique niche in the world of abstract expressionism with her DIVNISM style. Her unconventional technique and her background as a professional rifle shooter have shaped her approach to art and life, resulting in vibrant and thought-provoking works.


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