Former Partner Françoise Gilot’s Art to Be Featured in Picasso Museum Exhibition


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Picasso Museum to Showcase Françoise Gilot’s Artwork, Recognizing Her Individuality beyond Relationship with Picasso

The Picasso Museum in Paris is undergoing a reinstallation of its permanent collection, unveiling a dedicated gallery to the works of Françoise Gilot. This initiative aims to celebrate Gilot’s artistic merit independently of her association with Picasso, highlighting her significant contributions to the art world.

Cécile Debray, president of the Picasso Museum, expressed the importance of acknowledging Gilot’s rightful place as an artist in a statement. The new installation at the Hôtel Salé will explore various phases of Gilot’s artistic journey, from her involvement with the Réalités nouvelles group to her iconic creations in the 1980s.

Notably, the museum’s focus on Gilot will exclude any depictions or discussions of her as Picasso’s muse, opting instead to present her as a talented artist in her own right. This shift in perspective marks a significant departure for the Picasso Museum, offering visitors a fresh insight into Gilot’s diverse body of work.

Joanne Snrech, curator at the Picasso Museum, emphasized the importance of showcasing Gilot’s paintings to dispel misconceptions about her role solely as Picasso’s partner. Snrech highlighted Gilot’s extensive career and artistic evolution, underscoring her individuality beyond her relationship with the renowned Cubist.

Gilot’s relationship with Picasso, which spanned a decade, was marked by its complexities. Following their separation in 1953, Gilot faced challenges, including Picasso’s attempts to erase her presence from the art world. Despite the tumultuous aftermath, Gilot emerged resilient, finding solace in her art and eventually settling in the United States.

Her memoir, “Life with Picasso,” co-authored with Carlton Lake, provided a candid account of her experiences and received widespread attention, prompting Gilot’s relocation to the United States. Despite the adversity she faced, Gilot continued to create art until her passing, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

The inclusion of Gilot’s work at the Picasso Museum reflects a broader recognition of her artistic prowess and serves as a testament to her enduring influence in the realm of modern art.


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